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BSO10-101110- Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland pictured in action during the Barclays Pro Am for the Barclays Singapore Open on November 10, 2010 at the Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore. The USD$ 6 Million event which is co sanctioned with the Asian and European Tour, begins 11-14 November, 2010. Picture by Paul Lakatos/World Sport Group.Barclays Singapore Open 2010 World Sport Group.



Q. Give us your thoughts on the temperature as it’s not easy to play under these conditions.

A. I’m trying to think of the last time I’ve play in a heat like this and it could well be in Singapore at this tournament last year. There are things which you want to do differently and you certainly want to come here and work on your game. I did a little extra work in Shanghai last week so that I can come here and make sure my game is in decent shape and you really have to go out there and conserve the energy a little. It’s definitely hot and you’ve to keep the fluids onboard and try to stay tough for the weekend. It’s golf course I do like and I played pretty well last year. It’s in great shape as always. Barclays put a great golf tournament on and it’s definitely one of the highlights this time of the year.


Q. You managed to cope with the heat last year. Good memories going into this year?

A. I certainly felt like I was in the acclimatisation period this morning. I only played nine holes yesterday and walked the other nine. It was tough out there this morning. It was an early start and it’s always tough to get out there and pro-ams can be tough to keep your focus anyway. So it was a long morning, the body got into a little of a shock but I think it’ll put me in good stead over the week. I’ve an afternoon tee time tomorrow so it should be good. I’m happy to be back here in Singapore.


Q.It’s certainly an impressive title to win this week but I’m sure you’ve other things to think of like the Race to Dubai and the battle with Martin which is at the back of your mind?

A. I’ve to say that when I started this five weeks run for the Race to Dubai, I targeted this week which I know that I can play well. And after my good finish here last year I thought the golf course here at Sentosa sets up pretty well for me. You’ve got to drive the ball into the fairway and you’ve got to think your way round the golf course a little. Of course, this week is the week which I’ve targeted as an important one in trying to catch Martin and obviously I got off to a great start in Valderrama and last week, the golf course didn’t really set up for me and this week is still very important to me and my goal is to go to Dubai as close to I can possibly beat Martin for the chance to win the Race to Dubai. We were pretty close last week but a huge week this week can punch a hole in. If I can have a solid finish this week, play the way I can play and Martin continues to play the way he has been doing the last four, five months, he’ll be hard to catch. But I’ll trying hard.


Q. In this heat, is the key concentration?

A. It is. The key is obviously to keep the fluid onboard and when we drink so much fluid, we don’t really feel like eating. Your diet, your nutrition and your liquid are hugely important. It’s about switching off and maintaining your energy. Maybe get one of those sun umbrellas and stand in the shade as much as possible. It’s being able to stay relax and focus for five hours because it’s a long time out there in the heat. You’ve got to stay physically fresh to feel mentally fresh so that’s what it’s all about this weekend. It’s about conserving energy. There’s not going to be a lot of bashing balls on the range this week and it’s really about being in the best shape that you can.


Q. Do you feel that your golf is strong enough to win this weekend?

A. I would be lying if I told you that I’m 100& happy with my game but if you talk to all the golfers out there, they’ll also tell you that they are not 100% happy with their game. I’m definitely playing well to be able to compete this week. There’s always going to be some chipping away of the things I’ve been doing and I’m close to playing well. I worked pretty hard on my swing over the weekend and I felt that I could turn the corner, made some good swings Saturday and Sunday but didn’t score that well but that’s just the way the golf course was treating me last week. But it’s a new week this week.


Q. In terms of your form and consistency, do you think that with your form, you can go anywhere and win anytime?

A. Winning in Valderrama was a little of a breakthrough week for me as I felt that I won ugly. I didn’t play my best golf and I think that was probably the first thing it every happened in my career where I won a golf tournament not feeling that I had my A game. I think I’ve certainly improved as a player, improved mentally, technically and I’ve got a little more belief in myself to feel that I can go to any golf tournament in the world and compete.


Q. There are so many events like the Ryder Cup, the Majors, the Race to Dubai and then this. Where does this all sit with you?

A. You’ve to have your goals which are hugely important. The Race to Dubai is one of my huge goals towards the end of the season and that’s why I’m playing five weeks in a roll to finish my year. I’ve got a couple of events in the States which are out of the Order of Merit. The post peddle beach, I’ve set for myself is the Ryder Cup and Race to Dubai. There are so many big events around the world these days and we’ve the opportunity to come to Singapore to play a great event like the Barclays Singapore Open off the back of another great week in Shanghai. We are spoilt for choices but it’s important that you stay focused and disciplined to know what is it that you want to do. I’m trying to win the Race to Dubai from Martin Kaymer.


Q. Do you have a goal in your career which you like to win in every continent?

A. I don’t really have a specific goal to win in every continent but I’m very proud of the fact that my seven victories has been in different countries. And that’s kind of cool and I’m quite proud of that.


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